Wouldn't want to be what she just caught sight of...

Zanouche is a bald eagle.

Zanouche is an elderly female bald eagle.
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Mate - Eelon

Great-great-great-grandmother - Zan

Great-great-great-grandfather - Elver, also known as Streak


Lone Wolf

Although not appearing in the text, it is said in Star Wolf that she flew over Faolan on his tummfraw. The eagle thinks about whether to pick up the pup or not, and she decides not to. Zanouche tells her mate, Eelon, about the strange pup afterward.

Star Wolf

She is first seen flying to warn the travelers about Heep's rout coming over the ice bridge.

Zanouche and her mate, Eelon , had a nest in Ambala before the earthquake.

She plays a major role rescuing and caring for pups. She then joins Faolan's brigade, and accompanies them on their journey to the Distant Blue. In the final battle, she and her mate help attack the outclanners and Heep.
Bald eagle