Whispering Rocks (otherwise known as "Ringing Rocks") are a stone planted on the ground and are rumored that
Whispering rock in snow

Whispering rock on snow

when a wolf presses their ear against it, they will hear things from in the stone, a hissing almost like a whisper (hence the name).
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Whispering rocks are a type of stone planted on the ground. If a wolf presses their ear against one and scratches it, there will be scratching sounds, vibrations and hisses. It will feel as if the rock and earth is whispering and sending a message or replying to the wolf.


Frost Wolf

Faolan, Edme, Mhairie and Dearlea are out to search for any living gnaw wolves in the famine, and upon finding Tearlach's dead body, the wolves grieve. They notice
Whispering rock

A Whispering Rock

that Tearlach had his face to the ground, but not in a way of submission. Dearlea suggests he was listening for something.

Later, when the Whistler is revived by the Edme, Faolan, and his sisters, The Whistler goes and tries to listen to a Whispering Rock himself.

Spirit Wolf

Whistler uses a Whispering rock to find out if Faolan and the others are alright after the quake, in the Cave Before Time.