Frost Wolf 2

The Prophet.

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The Prophet (whose real name is Liam MacDuncan) was the main antagonist in Frost Wolf. He was known to wear a stolen owl mask, known as a Hero Mark, which belonged to Gwynneth's deceased father, Gwyndor.


The Prophet was a young gray wolf with green eyes. He wore a stolen owl mask, known as a Hero's Mark that belonged Gwyndor's, at the beginning of Frost Wolf.

He was revealed to be Liam MacDuncan, cheiftain of MacDuncan clan.


Duncan MacDuncan- Birth Father
Skaars Dancers

The Prophet started the Skaars Dancing.

Cathmor MacDuncan- Birth Mother


Frost Wolf

The Prophet is telling wolves to dance for Skaarsgard, the wolves call themselves "Skaars Dancers", they all dance until they die. It spreads like a disease. This is because of the work of the Prophet in his deception, looking like a god while wearing the mask of Gywindor. Later on, The Prophet is confronted by Gywneth, the Sark, Edme and Faolan. They find out that he was Liam MacDuncan all along, playing at being better than he really was. The group forces him to return the mask to Gywindor's final resting spot, and he escapes.

Spirit Wolf

Liam is crushed to death by a giant boulder that had fallen from an escarpm
Liam macduncan


After his mother's death, Liam went by-lang for long periods of time, and became the Prophet, foolishly believing that he was the one that would bring earth and the Star Ladder together. However, he made the famine even worse, putting wolves in trances and would not stop "dancing for Skaarsgard" until they became so exhausted that they died.