An old abandoned castle built by The Others.

The Others were an ancient race that used to reside in the owl kingdoms long ago. Many of their structures and artistic works remained and are used by owls in the present day. It is heavily implied that they are humans and it is very possible that they are.

The Others made stone-like buildings that are now in ruins, telling that the extinction of man may have been during modern society or another period and became extinct for an unknown reason. However, The Others have left literature and other artifacts behind until the arrival of a new species (owls, wolves, bears, etc.). It is not known how the Others went extinct.



The Others are said to be long extinct.

The Others were an ancient race that once occupied the owl kingdoms. The only proof that they were existed are the artifacts and buildings. They are now extinct. They are described by getting around on only two legs, which both amazes and shocks the animals, and have no wings. They are believed to be humans.


Watch Wolf

At the Ring, Trader Luce, a magpie, is visiting and showing off her "merchandise". Faolan asks Gwynneth what the items are, and she replies they belonged to the Others. While Faolan and Edme are looking at her items, she offers to trade them something for a gnawed bone, but Gwynneth yells at her that Watch wolves aren't allowed to do so.

Star Wolf

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In Guardians of Ga'Hoole

The Journey

Eglantine was captured by Metal Beak, and was forced to sleep on bones that the Band suspected to be the bones of the Others. This occurred in The Journey but was revealed in The Rescue.

A Guide Book to the Great Tree

While Otulissa was writing a guide book to the great tree, she felt there was a scroom of an Other that guided her. She revealed to the readers the name of the author was Kathryn Huang.


  • In the Guardians of Ga'Hoole, there are references to William Shakespeare, Ray Bradbury, Ferdinand Magellan and Queen Elizabeth the second, or 'Queen E', as she is referred to by Madam Plonk.