Ice Bridge
Ice Bridge
Maybe Faolan and Edme on the bridge.


Frozen Sea.

"... took his first step onto the Ice Bridge,"

Star Wolf, page 1
Star Wolf 1

Faolan and Edme

The Ice Bridge is a bridge that connects the body of the Beyond to The Distant Blue.  It is located on the Frozen Sea and was said that it was crossed before by the first Fengo, and by other wolves to get from the Distant Blue to the Beyond.


Faolan and the others had first come across this place after they had crossed the Crystal Plain. They planned to cross the Ice Bridge to get to the other side, which is the Distant Blue. It turns out Heep has returned, with a pack of wolves.


Star Wolf

It the the major setting of the book. The Ice Bridge was what the animals cross. It took them days to get to the Distant Blue, facing danger such as Heep, losing loved ones, and plenty more.

The Ice Bridge in the Frozen Sea

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