"I am at last born whole, but the world has fractured."
The Whistler after noticing his voice and the earthquake in Spirit Wolf

The ember may have been destroyed in an eruption like this or crushed by the crumbling of the volcanoes.

The Great Mending happened after the Ember of Hoole had been destroyed. When this happened all gnaw wolves and members of the Sacred Watch are mended, what was missing grew, what was crippled gained strength. It remains this way until the ember is put back in a volcano.

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Spirit Wolf

With the ember's destruction, all the malcadh's are free from their deformities.

Faolan and his sisters were stuck on an ice floe during the earthquake. They had gone to Morag's drumlyn when the earthquake struck and they were trapped. Faolan had slipped, but he held on. His paw was splayed as "normal", which made his paw stronger, but it happened to mend right at that moment. Meanwhile, all other malcadhs were mended, except for Edme. She was a malcadh made, not born. Whistler received a straightened throat, Banja gained her other eye, while Heep gained a tail.