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Distant Blue

"I saw the Distant Blue."

Faolan speaking; Spirit Wolf, page 74

The Distant Blue (also known as the Always Cold or Great West) is an area west from the Beyond and west from the Outermost. It was what Faolan was mentioning when he told Edme and his sisters that they were going west and is the current destination of the earthquake survivors, as the Beyond was destroyed.


The Distant Blue is a great area where the survivors have marked as their destination. It is where Faolan wanted to

The plains of the Distant Blue

go and get out of the Beyond. West from the Beyond is an ice bridge leading to it.

It is mentioned in the epilogue of Star Wolf that it has "long grasses sprinkled with wildflowers that he (Faolan) had never seen" and that two animals are known to live there: horses and bison.


Frost Wolf

It said that Faolan saw the Distant Blue when he stood on the Blood Watch looking west.

Spirit Wolf

Faolan mentions it when he said he saw it on the Blood Watch and said that's where they needed to go. They travel that way going throught the Spirit Woods, the glacier and the Crystal Plain.

Star Wolf

On the last chapter, the group, consisting of Faolan, Edme, Gwynneth, Myrr, Maudie, Caila, Abban, The Whistler, Dearlea, Mhairie, Katria, Airmead, Rags, Zanouche and Eelon reach the Distant Blue via narwhales. In the epilouge, Faolan finds tracks of bison, and sees horses. One horse, a creamy white stallion, turns its head, it's face scarred with no fur, as if it had been through fire. The wolf and horse look at each other, and the horse rears up, crying out, the Star Wolf is back!

Current Residents


  • The Distant Blue is the Always Cold, the land the first Fengo led the wolves out of.
  • The herds might have traveled here.
  • It was confirmed by (Kathryn) Lasky herself, that the 6th book Star Wolf would take place in and on the way to the Distant Blue.

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