Wolves Of The Beyond Map 2

A map of the Beyond.

"Beyond the next Beyond!"

-The first Fengo

Beyond the Beyond is a vast area of harsh wilderness beyond the Owl Kingdoms, and is the main setting in the Wolves of the Beyond series.
It was the adopted home of the Dire wolves, where their original homeland is known as the Always Cold. Some historic events in Hoolian history have occurred here, Such as the Ember of Hoole being retrieved and The War of the Ember. After the earthquake, the Beyond is nothing but an empty wasteland, almost completely lifeless with most animals gone--dead or in the Distant Blue.
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The Beyond is land of harsh wilderness of short summers and violent winters. There is not one willow leaf, nor willow tree. There is a long river that splits the region in two. The Whistler mentioned that there are few true forests.



The first wolves entered the beyond over one thousand years ago.

The Beyond is located just South of the Northern Owl Kingdoms and the Sea of Vastness, and is West to the Hoolian Kingdoms. The Middle Kingdoms are Northeast of the Beyond.


Known current and former residents



  • Gwynneth (formerly)
  • Arthur (deceased)
  • Tully (temporarily)
  • Gwyndor (deceased)
  • Conny (deceased)
  • Grank (formerly, deceased)
  • Hoole (formerly, deceased)
  • Theo (formerly, deceased)
  • Coryn (formerly and temporarily, deceased)




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