"He's all about shock. Loves shocking the newcomers."
Winks regarding Snowdon, in Watch Wolf page 92
Snowdon is an ash-colored male Dire wolf.

General Info

Species: Dire Wolf (Canis Dirus)

Gender: Male


None Known


Eyes: Green

Fur: Ash-gray




Watch Wolf, Frost Wolf, Spirit Wolf

Current and Previous Status

Current: In the Cave of Souls; possibly a Star Wolf

Past: Malcadh, Gnaw Wolf


Dead; death caused by boulders breaking his spine.




Forked, snake-like tongue

Snowdon was a gray wolf of the Sacred Watch who was first mentioned in Shadow Wolf. Snowdon had an unusual deformity; his tongue was forked like that of a snake, much to the horror of Faolan and Edme when they first saw him.


He is described as being ash-colored with a forked tongue. He likes to flash around to shock newcomers to the Watch, but is otherwise perfectly formed. Snowdon most likely had green eyes like the true wolves of the Beyond, and had either a black or brown nose.


None known.


Shadow Wolf

Although he does not physically appear, Snowdon was at the gaddergnaw with all of the other wolves of the Sacred Watch.

Watch Wolf

In Watch Wolf, he was introduced as being one of the Watch wolves for Stormfast. Faolan and Edme were puzzled since he seemed to be perfect until he opened his mouth and showed them his forked tongue which shocked them and amused him. He is said to not like it when he is on duty longer than he should be.

Spirit Wolf

In Spirit Wolf, Myrrglosch finds him dead after the earthquake while searching for Edme, his back broken. Although he was dead, the Great Mending had fixed his tongue at last.




Snowdon died in Spirit Wolf from boulders breaking his back. He, along with most of the other Watch wolves witnessed the Ring collapsing; which caused the boulder to fall. When he is next mentioned is when Myrrglosch hopes that Edme did not die like Twist or Snowdon.

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