Skaarsgard is a star wolf, in the wolves' culture, who is said
to help wolves climb up the Star Ladder in their death, and guide them to the Cave of Souls.
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Skaarsgard is said to be a Star Wolf that helps recently deceased wolves up the Star Ladder to the Cave of Souls. Usually the wolf he helps up is disabled.


Shadow Wolf

Morag mentions that if Faolan hadn't been taken away from her, she would have named him Skaarsgard, after the Star Wolf, because it looked as if the stars had fallen and swirled through his fur.

There is also a story that two skreeleens tell with Skaarsgard in it, about a stubborn little pup who keeps running down the star ladder and arguing with Skaarsgard.


Watch Wolf

After eight moons stopping the war between the wolves and the grizzlies, Faolan is standing on a cairn, over-looking Dunmore.  He had just finished a session of scanning jumps earlier, and saw the Sark trotting toward him. She tells Faolan to come with him, but Faolan tells her he can't. The Sark replies that she has arranged it with the Fengo.  Later, Gwynneth comes along with them, and Faolan realizes that they're going to the MacNamara Clan when they start to turn east.

Faolan is welcomed by the Namara, Galana, and is leaded to Morag's den

Skaarsgard is a Star Wolf.

. At first Morag does not recognize him, but remembers his scent and splayed paw. After she asks what they call him, he replies "Faolan". Morag says she planned to name him Skaarsgard, and, after Faolan asks why, she replies because even though his pelt was not thick yet, it looked as if the stars had fallen and been swirled in.

Since Morag is blind, Skaarsgard probably helped her up.

Frost Wolf

In Frost Wolf, the Skaars Dancers were begging for Skaarsgard to bring the star ladder to earth. Skaarsgard most likely helped the ones that died up, because they died from exhaustion.