Pine Forest

The Shadow Forest is a vast forest in the Beyond.

The Shadow Forest is an area of vast forest located south of Beyond the Beyond. It is a populated by many owls and wild creatures.


The Shadow Forest is a vast forest. Numerous squirrels, chipmunks, and other small forest animals inhabit the Shadow Forest.


The Shadow Forest is located on the southeastern most border of the Beyond. North is MacNab territory, south is the Barrens of the southern owl kingdoms, east is the owl kingdom of Silverveil.


Watch Wolf

Padraigh, a Wind-Scout of the Sacred Watch, says to Malachy that the She-Winds were coming. He had been as far south as the border of the Shadow Forest.

Frost Wolf

The book begins with Faolan and Edme scouting in the Shadow Forest. Edme is in the a cave waiting for Faolan to return. when he does, he tells Edme of something very strange. They go to investigate it. After Faolan shows her what he found, he goes back to the cave to rest. When Edme comes back to the cave after her scouting trip, they both return to The Watch.

Spirit Wolf

In chapter one, A Scarlet Rain, we see Gwynneth, Liam MacDuncan, and The Sark of the Slough in the Shadow Forest near the hero mark made for Gwynneth's father, Gwyndor. Gwynneth had just restored his hero mark when the earthquake arrived. Gwynneth saw a boulder tumble from and escarpment and crush Liam. She yelled for the Sark to run, but when she looked down, she was gone. Gwynneth started to go yeep and hurtle toward the ground. That was the last seen of the Shadow Forest.