Wolves of the Beyond Wiki is sworn with the duty to provide you with descriptive, truthful knowledge of the Wolves of the Beyond series. These are our rules, which users must follow in order of keeping editing, chatting and other ares of the Wiki spam-free and "healthy".

Roleplay and Fanon

WotB Wiki doesn't allow personal packs and characters on articles, as it is feeding false info and spamming the article in a way. Personal characters and packs may only be stored in the Userpage or a blog.

  • Personal Characters may not be stored through articles and/or blog. Personal characters should be stored on personal websites or role-playing sites. You may create a section in your user page to describe your character.
  • Fan Packs should not be published here. There are more appropriate outlets for personal packs/clans available. Personal packs should be stored in appropriate personal locations such as a personal website or a fan fiction..
  • Role Play may not be on the Wiki. This means casually or formally role playing as characters. There are a multitude of more appropriate places on the internet to undertake such things.

Spam and Immature Behavior

Our goal is to have a Wiki that provides knowledge and friendly behavior, behaved users and articles with correct info. Inappropriate words, actions, etc. will all result in the user of IP address or user being warned or blocked.

  • Threatening is not allowed at the WotB Wiki. Threatening at another user, or the Wiki, will result in a block, and the block its length determined to the severity of the matter.
  • Spamming is never allowed. It will result in the IP or warning and/or block.
  • Cussing/Swearing is not permitted. It is rude and the user or IP address or user will be warned and/or blocked. This action is forbidden to use in Chat, editing, commenting, blogging or messaging another user.

Fan Art

WotB Wiki has a page where you may post your art, but if taking it from another site, please post the original artist and website.


Wolves of the beyond Wiki is not here to teach you about grammar and spelling. We expect you to know by now about the spelling and grammar. A couple of errors are okay, but please try to use proper grammar, otherwise the readers cannot read what you're trying to say and the edit may be undone.

  • Always use CAPS when beginning a name, sentence or location.
  • Please be sure to read over what you read before publishing, and make sure it's error-free.
  • Do not cuss, spam or threaten while editing.
  • If you need help spelling a word, please look it up.


Chat is a place for users to come together and discuss different topics of all sorts.

  • Using CAPS is allowed in CHAT ONLY, but try and refrain from using it with everything you say.
  • No threatening other users.
  • Please do not advertise your website or Wiki in chat.
  • Chat speak is allowed. (ex: gtg, brb, lol)

Always try your best to follow the Rules, as disobeying will get you banned for a certain amount of time, depending on the severity and subject.


Hi, Wikians. I've decided to list all of our main staff and their ranks. This should make it easier to know what their rank is. Main Staff: If you want to get rid of a rank, just post that in the comments.

Head Admin~



  • Position OPEN


  • Position OPEN

Chat Moderators

  • Position OPEN

Absence and Ranks

If a user is gone for a certain amount of time, their rank will be taken. For an admin, it would be six months, and chat mods and rollbacks, three months.

For new Users

Welcome to the Wolves of the Beyond Wiki. We appreciate you for joining us. If you need any help or assistance with anything, these are who you can contact.