Pegeen MacHeath


MacHeath clan


Pelt color is unknown, thought she may have had green eyes like most wolves in the Beyond.


Ingliss MacHeath


Killed by Malan MacHeath.

Pegeen was a wolf of the MacHeath clan and had one known daughter, Ingliss.


Pegeen was a member of the MacHeath clan. Her pelt color is unknown but she may have had green eyes like true wolves of the Beyond.


Pegeen was shown to have a strong personality. She stood up to Malan, a wolf who'd wanted to take her as a mate and had been fighting with her former mate in order to do so. Insulted, Malan forgot about Pegeen's beauty, (the reason he'd wanted her in the first place) and killed Pegeen. As Pegeen was dying, she managed to bite him and draw blood.      


  • Pegeen is an Irish name meaning "pearl".

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