"It is, indeed. I've been as far south as the boarder of the Shadow Forest. It's the She-Winds. They're a-coming!"
Padraigh regarding the She-Winds in Watch Wolf
Paddy's fur colour was unknown.


Species: Dire wolf (Canis dirus)

Gender: Male




Fur: Unknown

Eye: Green

Derformities: One eye, one ear and a missing paw

Current/Previous stats

Current: Watch wolf and Wind Scout

Previous: Malcadh, gnaw wolf


Wind scout


One eye, one ear and missing a paw

Padraigh, or 'Paddy', is a male Dire wolf. He is the sacred watch's Wind Scout.

Spoiler warning!
This article contains plot details from one or more of the books.


Paddy's pelt colour is unknown, but he likely had green eyes, like the true wolves of the beyond. He either had a black or brown nose. His derformity was one of oddest, as he was missing an eye, an ear and a paw.




Watch Wolf

When Edme is trying some scanning leaps, she hears Banja laughing, which distracts her. Winks follows her gaze, and tells Banja to be quiet. Banja says that she was telling Paddy a joke that she had told her, to which Winks retorts that it was a limerick.

Paddy reports that the She-Winds were coming, and Malachy is shocked, as it wasn't the season. Faolan, Edme , Twistling and Winks follow him to the cairns. Twist tells them to look and see how Paddy walks, which is at an awkward angle due to his strange deformity.


  • The name Padraigh is Irish, really spelled Padraig, it means 'nobleman'
  • It is also the Irish version of Patrick.

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