"You cheated me. Your own mother."
— Nyra's last words to Coryn in The War of the Ember

General Infomation

Species: Barn Owl (Tyto Alba)/hagsfiend

Gender: Female


Son: Coryn
Mate: Metal Beak/Kludd
Child: The Sacred Orb
Sisters-in-law: Eglantine, Pellimore
Brother-in-law: Soren
Nieces: Bell, Blthye, Sebastiana
Mother-in-law: Marella
Father-in-law: Noctus


Eyes: Black/Yellow

Plumage: Buff, tan, white and brown with black specks/Dark, almost black ragged feathers

Deformity: Scarred face

Current and Previous Stats

Current: Deceased, dwells in Hagsmire

Previous: Living, Pure One, Leader of the Pure Ones



Book Appearences

Coming Soon


Scar on face

Nyra was a female Barn Owl, or Tyto Alba. She is widely known as the mate of Kludd, or Metal Beak, the former leader of the Pure Ones. Nyra was the most recent, and last, leader of the Pure Ones.


Nyra was a large female Barn Owl. At first, she was very beautiful (due to hatching on the night of an eclipse) with a large, luminous, pure white face that is often described to be like the moon, and lusterous black eyes like "polished river stones". A scar made by Otulissa parts the feathers on her face, but other then that she was still descirbed as a beautiful owl. But as she reigned the Pure Ones longer and her grudge toward her son Coryn grew, her feathers because dark and ragged like a crow's, the flesh on her face became bubbled and infected, and her eyes became yellow instead of black; because she was truly a hagsfiend all her life.


Nyra was very ungiving and brutal. She was stubborn, and rarely backed down. She bore a bitter grudge toward Coryn, Soren, and Twilight (who killed Kludd). Nyra never had felt friendship and had never felt real love (apart from Kludd), using her son as the key to power. Her Pure Ones subjects only served under her because they shared her belief that the owl kingdoms should belong to and be only the home of Tytos.


Before The Books

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Lone Wolf

Gwynneth mentions Nyra in her thoughts as the tyrannical last leader of the Pure Ones.

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