The Harvest Moon

Wolves and owls keep many forms of time. One of which is moons. They are equal to the human month, and takes a whole moon cycle.


  • Twelve moons: One year
  • Six moons: Half year
  • One moon: One month
  • Half moon: Two weeks
  • Quarter moon: One week


Newing is a phase in which the moon starts the moon cycle again. It is after the moon has fully dwenked. Dwenking is when the moon starts to fade away.



Many moons have names, some are related to what's happening, or what's there. Moons can also be named for festivities.


Moon of the Cracking Ice- March

Moon of the Singing Grass- April

Moon of the Shedding Antlers-May


Moon of the Flies – June

Moon of the Mossflowers – July

Salmon Moon – August


Caribou Moon – September

Moon of the Red Leaf – October

Frost Moon – November


Moon of the First Snow – December

Moon of the Frost Stars – January

Moon of the Frost Blossoms – February


  • Confirmed by Kathryn Lasky, moons are the equivalent for monthly intervals.

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