Malan MacHeath
Malan is a male Dire wolf with an unknown pelt and eye color.

General Info

Species: Dire Wolf (Canis Dirus)

Gender: Male


None Known


Fur: Unknown

Eyes: Possibly green


Clan: MacHeath


Watch Wolf

Current/previous status

Current: Outclanner

Past: MacHeath wolf, Lord


Unknown; either outclanner or deceased

Malan MacHeath is a male Dire wolf (Canis dirus). He was a lord of the MacHeath clan.

Spoiler warning!
This article contains plot details from one or more of the books.


Malan's pelt colour was never revealed, but he likely had green eyes, like the true wolves of the beyond. He either had a black or brown nose.


None known


Watch Wolf

Malan is mentioned when he asked what Dunbar's plan was for killing Grizz . He is mentioned as the lord of the MacHeath clan.
Later, Malan is part of the slink melf that is searching to kidnap a bear cub to spark a war between the Watch wolves and the bears. Katria is trying to cope with the death of her daughter, Kyran, and thinks of Kyran's friend Ingliss, who's mother was called Pegeen. Malan wanted her as his mate, so fought her current mate. When Pegeen stepped in, insulting Malan, he suddenly forgot her beauty and killed her.


  • The name "Malan" is a variant of the name "Malin" which means "little warrior"

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