The MacDuffs.

The MacDuff clan was one of the clan's that make up The Wolves of the Beyond. They are best known for being extremely superstitious, so much so that when Faolan

The MacDuffs were always very superstitious.

jumps over the wall of fire in Lone Wolf, they whisper that he might be a vyrrwolf sent straight from the Dim World as an agent of chaos. When Faolan gnaws a "profane bone" in Shadow Wolf for the gaddergnaw games, their suspicions only increased.

Towards the end of Frost Wolf, the MacDuffs are believed to be wiped out completely (except for Creakle) by the famine and from becoming Skaars Dancers, but this has never been confirmed.

Known Members


  • Duffin MacDuff

    Creakle is possibly one of the last MacDuff wolves.


  • Dunstan

Former Members

Deceased Members


The MacDuff clan is located in the center of the southeastern part of the Beyond .

The land is north of the MacNab clan, southeast to the MacDonegal clan, the MacAngus clan, and the MacHeath clan. The MacDuff clan is southwest to the MacDuncan clan, the MacNamara clan, and the Ring of Sacred Volcanoes.


Lone Wolf

In Lone Wolf, the MacDuff clan's chieftain, Duffin MacDuff, went to a meeting with the other chieftains and was actually the one who suggested the Sark of the Slough. The clan chased Faolan to the wall of fire at the end and when Faolan jumped over it, they immediately started rumors.

Shadow Wolf

In Shadow Wolf, the MacDuff's gnaw wolf, Creakle, competes in the gaddergnaw. They continue to be suspicious of Faolan.

Frost Wolf

In Frost Wolf, the MacDuff clan may have been wiped out due to famine and Skaars Dancing. Creakle, a gnaw wolf, is thought to be the last MacDuff wolf. He is not mentioned afterwards, although it seems unlikely he survived the earthquake at the beginning of Spirit Wolf.


  • "MacDuff" comes from the Irish word "Mac" meaning son, and "Duff" an old Irish name meaning black or dark. All together this means Son of the black/dark man, or Son of Duff.
  • The clan may be named after Macduff, a character in Shakespeare's Macbeth.