The pack

Wolves of the MacDonegal Clan.

The MacDonegal clan is one of the many clans of the Beyond. They are the closet clan to the Outermost. They are most notable for being Morag's second clan.

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The MacDonegal clan is located towards the center of the Beyond. They are also close to other locations, such as The Outermost, Frost Forest, and the Cave Before Time.

This clan is northwest to the MacAngus Clan, the MacDuff clan, and the MacNab Clan then it is south-west to the MacHeath Clan, and west to the MacNamara Clan and the MacDuncan Clan.


There are only two packs known of the MacDonegals, the Carreg Gaer and the Pack of Dancing Giants.


Lone Wolf

The MacDonegals were one of the clans who chased Faolan into the wall of fire.

Shadow Wolf

The MacDonegals, as well as the other clans, travel to MacDuncan territory to attend the gaddergnaw.

Morag, Faolan's mother, lived in the MacDonegal clan in the pack of the Dancing Giants with a new mate.

Known Members

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Winks, a wolf of the Watch was from the MacDonegal clan.


  • Donegal MacDonegal



Deceased Members


  • "Mac" is the Irish word for son, while "Donegal" comes from "Dún Na Gall" meaning "Fort of the Foreigners". All together this means Son of the Fort of the Foreigners, or Son of Donegal. Donegal is also a place in Ireland, and takes it's name from the same meaning.