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The MacAngus Clan.

The MacAngus clan was one of the wolf clans of the Beyond, and were located in the middle of the area.  

They were the first clan to spot Faolan's splayed pawprint. They had originally believed he had the foaming-mouth disease.


The MacAngus clan was located in the very center of the Beyond. The clan's territory lies near the river that splits the Beyond in half, and it is the closest clan to the slough and the Sark's camp, as well as the MacNabs.

They were next to the Crooked Back Ridge and Ring of Sacred Volcanoes.
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Angus MacAngus, the chieftain.

The clan was southwest to the MacHeath Clan, the MacDuncan Clan, and the MacNamara Clan. The MacAngus clan is southeast to the MacDonegal Clan, northwest to the MacDuff Clan, and the MacNab Clan.


The only known packs of the MacAngus clan are the Carreg Gaer, the Pack of the Western Scree, and the Stone Pack.



Known Members

  • Aldwyn
  • Aislinn
  • Brietta
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    Tearlach was part of the MacAngus Clan.

  • Corporal Laird


  • None known.

Deceased Members