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Litha Eve

The Litha Eve is the one day and night of the year when the sun and
Lunar phase 0

The Litha Eve takes place at night.

moon hang side by side; when the night is the shortest and the day is the longest, and this is the only day that the Litha roses bloom. It is also known as the "Eve of Blood and Thorns".

Practices and Traditions

The night of the Litha Blooms is called the "Eve of Blood and Thorns". There are rowdy celebrations in all the packs of all clans in the Beyond, as it marks the longest day of the year and the turn of the Earth towards winter.

In the chapter "Blood and Thorns" in Watch Wolf, it is said that no wolf clans celebrates the Litha Eve more exuberantly than the MacHeaths, which often ends with a disastrous conclusion of some wolf gets killed in a "friendly" wrestling match. Being a gnaw wolf, Edme made herself scarce on the Litha Eve.

Litha Rose

On the cusp of summer, when the earth begin
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A Litha Rose bush.

s to tilt more steeply toward the sun, there is a day when the moon and sun hang side by side in the sky. It is on this single day and night when the Litha blooms in the Beyond. The tiny red roses tip their faces toward the radiant sun and the moon, from which they gather their nourishment. The appearances of the flowers mark the longest day of the year, and signals the turn of the earth towards winter.

A wolf after getting a drink from a Litha leaf.

The Litha blossoms are the deepest red and their thorns are as sharp as wolf fangs. The leaves of the Litha are succulent, with a juice strong enough to make a wolf tipsy. However, to get past the thorns to the spirited grog of the leaves is an uncomfortable task at best. Although the appearances of the roses mark the longest day of the year, and signals the turn of the earth towards winter, for the warm days after, the sun will slip below the horizon a bit earlier and a silver of daylight will disappear as the shadows of evening advance more quickly. The night the Litha appears is called the "Eve of Blood and Thorns" and there are rowdy celebrations in all the packs of all the clans of the Beyond.

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