"Even Leitha, the beautiful night-black three legged she-wolf had grown her fourth."
— Narrator on Leitha after the great mending in Spirit Wolf

Leitha is a night-black Dire she-wolf with three legs.

General Info

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown


None Known


Fur: Night Black

Eyes: Green

Deformity: Three Legs




Shadow Wolf, Watch Wolf, Spirit Wolf

Current and Previous Status

Current: Deceased, possibly in the Cave of Souls

Past: Malcadh, Gnaw Wolf, Watch Wolf




Amazing leaping


Three Legs

Leitha was a black, three-legged dire she-wolf (Canis Dirus), and was a member of the Watch. Even though she only had three legs, Leitha was said to be one of the best jumpers at the Watch. Although she was mended, she was killed in the earthquake, but it is unknown how.

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This article contains plot details from one or more of the books.


Leitha was a female dire wolf, described as a nimble night-black wolf with a glossy pelt. She was a malcadh; having three legs, although she was an amazing jumper. She very likely had the green eyes of the true wolves of the Beyond. Leitha had either a black or brown nose.

Black-wolf animal-pictures-archive3

Leitha was a black she-wolf.


None known.


Shadow Wolf

Although not formally appearing, Leitha was at the gaddergnaw with the other Watch wolves.

Watch Wolf

Exploring the Watch upon arrival, Faolan sees Leitha do a perfect backwards somersault, despite her deformity, and he feels ashamed that he considered himself special for his jumps. They also mention that Leitha was one of the best jumpers in the history of the Watch.

Spirit Wolf

Leitha was killed by the earthquake that killed the Fengo, Twistling, Snowdon, Colleen, and many other wolves, but it is not mentioned how. The Great Mending gave her a fourth leg either just before or just after she died.
Black wolf jumping

Leitha Is One Of The Best Jumpers At The Watch.

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