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The MacNamaras.

The Hordweard Society was a secret organization within the MacHeath Clan, started by Hordweard MacHeath, who later renamed herself Namara MacNamara (She was the first chieftain of the MacNamara clan). The organization normally dies out for a few generations, but resurfaces again.

The she-wolves of the Hordweard Society bravely escape from the MacHeaths, just as the first Namara did. Only a few of those brave she-wolves actually make it to the MacNamara Clan. It is no longer around due to the fact that the MacHeath clan is now considered outclanners. Therefore, there are no more abused females with the desire to go to the MacNamara clan.

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Throughout the centuries, there has been a secret society within the MacHeath clan, the Hordweard Society. Sometimes it dies out for generations, but then it resurfaces when a few she-wolves of strong spirit and courage leave to seek the MacNamara clan. Usually, though, only a few she-wolves are actually able to make it.

Spies from the MacNamara Clan are said to leave banuil caint bones that are carved with a language that only abused she-wolves can understand to embolden them to escape to the MacNamara clan.


Watch Wolf

After Airmead calls Edme, she begins to tell the young she-wolf her story.  Airmead mentions the Hordweard Society.  When Edme ask if there were any other members, Airmead's jaw begins to tremble and tells her it was her mother, Akira.

Katria was a member of the Society and found many banuil caint bones.  After she gains the courage to leave the MacHeaths, she meets up with Airmead, who then realizes she isn't the only member of the Society.

Known Members