H'rathghar glacier

The H'rathghar Glacier caused a terrible eatrhquake.

The H'rathghar Glacier is the a gigantic glacier that caused the terrible earthquake that many wolves died from. The glacier scraped the eastern side of the Beyond, crushing Broken Talon Point. It used to be the home of the Ice Palace, for Hoole's line before him.

In a legend that skreeleens tell, the glacier is known as the "White Grizzly."

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Spirit Wolf

In Spirit Wolf, when the glacier is scraping across the Beyond it causes a fatal earthquake, in which most wolves died. It formed a bridge to the Spirit Woods in Ga'Hoole, and made many crevasses in the land. Edme fell into a crevasse, and survived but Oona didn't.

H'rathghar Glacier


Since glaciers often carve out valleys where ever they go, the H'rathgar Glacier likely left a large U-shaped valley in the beyond.