Gwynneth I
Barn owls
Gwynneth I was a masked owl.

General info

Species: Australian Masked Owl
Gender: Female


Mate: Gwyndor
Daughter: Gwynneth


Eyes: Black
Feathers: Brown, sprinkled with black spots; white feathers on face


Lone Wolf


Current: Deceased, possibly in Glaumora





Gwynneth I was female masked owl (Tyto novehollandiae), who was the mate of Gwyndor and birth mother of Gwynneth, who was named after her.


Gwynneth's mother was an Australian Masked Owl, or Tyto novehollandiae. She, like other Masked owls, probably had brown, white, gray and some tan colored feathers with charcoal black speckles on her back, wings, chest and head. Her facial disk probably had pale grayish brown on it, hence the name of her species. Her eyes were black like other members of the tyto species.


Gwyndor (deceased) - Former mate

Gwynneth - Daughter


Before the Books

Gwynneth I was the mate of Gwyndor and mother of Gwynneth, who was named in honor of her mother.

Lone Wolf

Gwynneth thinks about her deceased mother, of how her mother died just hours within her hatching, and of how she was named for her mother. She also thinks about her father Gwyndor, who died in the War of the Ember, and her 'auntie', Thora Plonk.

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