Grank was the first one to have firesight.

"Call me Grank. I am an old owl now as I set down these words, but this story must be told, or at least begun before I pass on."

-Grank addressing the reader, The First collier page 1

Grank was a spotted owl, notable for hatching, raising, and tutoring Hoole, becoming the first collier, mentor to Theo (the first blacksmith), and friend of Queen Siv and King H'rath. He was the first owl to retrive the Ember of Hoole.


Grank was a spotted owl. He was the first spotted owl to have firesight. He is in the cover of the Guardians of Ga'Hoole book The First Collier.


  • 070224 spotted owl Q0S2745.jpg
  • King H'rath
  • Queen Siv
  • Theo


Yurta- Sister

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