Snowy Owl
Fionula was a female snowy owl.

General Info

Species: Snowy Owl (Bubo scandiaca)

Gender: Female




Eyes: Yellow

Plumage: White feathers with black barring

Current and Previous stats

Current: Deceased; one of Faolan's gyre souls.

Past: Fengo (gyre soul), Eo (gyre soul), resident of the Great Ga'Hoole tree, gadfeather


Deceased, Faolan's more recent gyre soul.



"I can stay for a little bit, but you know as well as I in my gizzard I am and always shall be a gadfeather."
— Fionula to Madame Plonk; page 71 in Spirit Wolf

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This article contains plot details from one or more of the books.
Fionula was a snowy owl, and Faolan's third, most recent gyre soul . She was also a good friend of Madame Plonk, the singer of the Great Ga'Hoole Tree. She and the other two gyre souls were helping guide Faolan on his journey with the others to the Distant Blue.


Fionula is female snowy owl. Being a snowy owl, Fionula should have a white body and black barring on her chest, belly and back with yellow eyes. She should also have a pure white face. Finoula was also a gadfeather from the Northern Kingdoms. In her past lives she was Fengo, a dire wolf, and Eo, a grizzly bear. Her talons were twisted in the shape of the spiral mark.


None known for sure, but she may have been related to Brunwella Plonk, the singer at the

Faolan's Spiral

A spiral is the mark of a gyre soul. Fionula is a gyre soul.

Great Ga'Hoole Tree.


Spirit Wolf

Fionula is a snowy owl and one of Faolan's three gyre souls along with Eo and Fengo. Faolan saw her in a vision talking to Brunwella. Brunwella referred to her as "Fee" and talked about her position as singer. The topic of wolves came up, and Fionula defended their strange ways from Brunwella. Brunwella asks how she knew those things, she replies that she just doesn't know.


  • "Fionula" is an Irish name, originally spelt "Finnguala", but also spelt "Fionnghuala" or "Fionnuala". The original spelling "Finnguala" comes from "Fionn" or "Finn", meaning "fair" and "ghuala" or "gualainn" meaning "shoulders", all together: "fair shoulders".
  • Fionula is Faolen's only female gyre soul so far.

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