Faolan is a reincarnation of the first Fengo and examples are in every book except for Lone Wolf.

Shadow Wolf:

Watch wolf:

  • The thought gave Faolan pause. Had he seen this sparseness before? There was a haunting familiarity in the scarcity. But how could this be? It was only the third summer he had ever known-only the third moon of the Shedding Antlers he had ever experience. Once again something rustled in Faolan like a distant wind blowing tatters of memory from an ancient place- Page 50
  • Dying was a private act and all looked so familiar.-Page 52
  • "Tine Smyorfin," he whispered.

"Huh?" Edme looked at Faolan, whose eyes were trained on the river. "Whats that you said? Sounds like Old wolf."

"What are you talking about?" Faolan asked.

"That expression, tine something."

"I said by my marrow," Faolan answered.

"No you didn;t," Edme answered. "You whispered something that sounded very much like Old Wolf. I may have one eye but I do have two ears, Faolan."-Page 58

  • "I'm sorry but I was scared. If that mother grizzly woke up we would both be dead. You can never ever touch or even near a grizzly's cubs like that. They go crazy, cag mag, cag maglosc."

Edme blinked. Faolan was speaking Old Wolf again. And she could have sworn she'd heard him muttering strange phrases in his sleep that sounded like Old Wolf.-Page 62

  • Faolan shrugged.He was truly confounded and could not figure out where these wisps of knowledge came from. It was as if they were borne on a maverick river that course through his mind.-Page 65
  • "Rotten duck eggs?" Faolan repeated and then muttered, "tine smyorfin."

"There, you said it again! " Edme blurted.

"Said what?"

"That old wolf thing you said back by the river."

"I didn't say any old wolf thing. I just muttered, 'by my marrow.'"

Edme tipped her head to one side and regarded her friend. How odd, she thought. Faolan really doesn't know when he's saying these things. His mouth speaks in something that sounds like old wolf, but his ears hear it another way.-Page 66

  • "I know," Faolan said quietly.

"You know." Twist cocked his head and looked at Faolan with curiosity. "You've already read that part of the bone."

"No. Not yet."

"Then how do you know?"

Faolan looked at Twist. There was confusion in his eyes. "I'm not sure. I just know." -Page 94

  • When Twist had said that name-Grank-there was a shiver deep in Faolans marrow. The kind of shiver that wolves felt when another wolf walked over the place where they would take their last breath.-Page 95
  • Faolan cocked his head to one side and stared at the cairn. The voice of Twist ebbed away, and the baying of the wolves faded as well, and it was as if he had been transported to a moment outside of time. He felt as though he were standing next to his own pelt, looking at himself. I know the code.-Page 99
  • "Cag maglosc," Faolan muttered, and then launched into what sounded to Edme like a string on old wolf curse words.-Page 124
  • "They sing!" Faolan said.

"Now, how ever did you know that, Faolan? I'm surprised."

"I think I heard one of the Watch wolves talking about it."

Gwynnneth looked at him with curiosity, but continued. " They've become somewhat of a novelty. During ancient time in the northern kingdoms, there were countless gadfeathers. Recently they've begun to come back. But very few have come into the beyond, and that's why I was surprised when you said you heard of them."

Faolan said nothing. For the truth was that he was as puzzled as Gwynneth that he knew about gadfeathers and their singing.-Page 128

  • As so often happened when Faolan stood close to owls or watched them take off into the sky, he seemed to feel stirrings deep within him, whispers from another time or another world. But it wasn't just when he watched owls. These whispers had stared coming to him during his slaan leat, his journey toward truth. There was a truth out there still waiting for him, and every once in a while, he caught a glimpse of it. Sometimes when he did his leaps, especially the high ones, he felt as though he was coming close to catching mists or wraiths of the past.-Page 165
  • These mists from an unreachable past seemed to seep through his mind. He felt sometimes as if he were trespassing on someone else's memories and dreams. But it was not his fault. He could never quite figure out what prompted these moments. And whenever they occurred, he felt as if he were a wolf out of time.- Page 165

Frost Wolf

  • A wisp of fog passed though his mind, stirring his marrow and then dissolving like mist in the noonday sun. Faolan shivered and he shook his head almost violently.

"What is it, Faolan?" Edme asked.

"Nothing-nothing really," Faolan said lightly. "Just the edge of an old dream that came back to me. Can't quite remember it really."-Page 69

  • "What are you talking about?" Mhairie asked. There was a gold fleck in her eyes that seemed to sparkle with wonder and fear. It kindled something in Faolan, some scrap of memory. -Page 82
  • Faolan felt a shiver run through his marrow. He shook his head slightly and the guard hairs on his ruff stood rigid.

"Lochin crossed your bones again?" the Whistler asked.

"No, nothing. Nothing at all. But this is really valuable!" -Page 91

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