General Info

Species: Grizzly Bear (Ursus arctos horriblis)

Gender: Male




Fur: Brown fur with silver tips

Eyes: Deep brown

Current and Previous stats

Current: Deceased, lives on in Faolan as a gyre soul

Past: Fengo (gyre soul), Living, resident of the beyond, Fionula (gyre soul)


Deceased; one of Faolan's gyre souls



Eo was the name of a male Grizzly bear, who is one of Faolan's more recent gyre souls... </span .

Spoiler warning!
This article contains plot details from one or more of the books.


Eo was seen as a large male grizzly bear, with a thick, rough brown pelt. He had dark brown eyes and a black nose.


None known


Before the Books


Eo killed a moose that was threatening a bear and her cub.

Before the books, Eo recorded his sightings in the Cave Before Time along with Fengo and Finoula, a snowy owl and another of Faolan's gyre souls.

Frost Wolf

Faolan's paw temporarily becomes a bear's when he defends a bear cub from an outclanner because of his past life as Eo. Later, when Faolan was dreaming, he realized he was a grizzly bear in his former life.

Spirit Wolf

Faolan has a dream in the chapter, "Another Pelt." Faolan dreams that he is Eo, and is defending a mother grizzly and her cubs from an angry bull moose. This most likely happened when he was Eo.

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