Dunmore MacDuncan


Dire Wolf

Eye Color



MacDuncan Clan


Deceased, possibly in the Cave of Souls


Leg injured at birth


Intuitive sense of danger

Dunmore MacDuncan was the second Fengo of the Watch. He had an accident at birth that made him walk with a limp, which is what made him be considered a malcadh.


It is unknown what color Dunmore's pelt was, but he walked with a limp.  He most likely had green eyes like the true wolves of the Beyond. Dunmore had either a black or brown nose.



Dunmore Is The Name Of One Of The Volcanoes In the Ring.

None known

The Long Cold

Fengo led the wolves to the Beyond.  Dunmore was one of Fengo's favorites due to
Wolf in snow

He traveled from the Always Cold during the Long Cold.

his perseverence.  Despite his injured leg, he could keep up with the rest of the pack.  Dunmore was described as brave and intelligent.  He had an innate ability to sense danger before other wolves did.

When Grank retrieved the Ember, he formed the Watch after Grank put the Ember back. When Hoole dove for the Ember, the wolves of the Watch were freed of their duties and their deformities were mended.


  • It is almost certain that one of the volcanoes of the Ring, Dunmore, is named after him.
  • "Dunmore" comes from the Irish words "Dún mór" meaning "Large fort".

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