Dunleavy MacHeath II
Dunleavy McHeath II
Dunleavy has an unknown pelt color.

General Info

Species: Dire Wolf (Canis dirus)
Gender: Male


Mate: Brygdylla
Pups: Several Unnamed Pups


Fur: Unknown
Eyes: Yellow


Clan: MacHeath Clan
Pack: Carreg Gaer

Current & Previous Status

Current: Dim World
Past: Macheath Cheiftan

Mexican Wolf 003

Dunleavy was a vyrrwolf.

This page is for the more recent chieftain. If you are looking for the chieftain of the Hoolian legends see Dunleavy MacHeath (the first)

Dunleavy MacHeath (named after the first chieftain of the MacHeath clan, not to be confused with Dunleavy the First) was one of the cruel leaders of the MacHeath clan in the Beyond. He was also a vyrrwolf, a dire wolf that has been infused with vile nachtmagen on the night of a full moon. He, as well as his mate, Brydglla, were vyrrwolves.


Brygdylla- Mate

Many Unnamed Pups- Sons and Daughters


It is unknown what Dunleavy looked like, although he very likely had green eyes. Though most vyrrwolves have yellow eyes so he might have had yellow eyes instead of green. He was larger and stronger when there was a full moon; being vyrrwolves.

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Another description of Dunleavy.

In Guardians of Ga'Hoole

The Outcast

Coryn begins tagging along with the MacDuncans. The MacDuncans find a splayed pawprint of a wolf with the foaming mouth disease, and they go to warn the MacHeaths as the sick wolf was heading into their territory. In the meeting, Cody, the MacHeath's young gnaw wolf, comes in. Dunleavy hints at the MacDuncans about him, as he wants a MacHeath in the watch, saying that he gnawed beautifully (which was not true; he was not a malcadh-born, as the MacHeaths maimed him on purpose). Coryn remarks in his thoughts that the gnawed bones produced by Cody were sloppy, and unlike the other gnaw wolves in the MacDuncans.

Later, Nyra goes to make a deal with the MacHeaths. She lies that the MacHeaths were originally meant to be the main clan for the Ember of Hoole, sparking outrage amung most of them, except for Gyllbane, who is suspicious of Nyra. To the boredom of Nyra, Dunleavy shows her the clan's scars. Nyra and Dunleavy make a blood oath, and the MacHeaths are allianced with the Pure Ones.


  • Many people mistake him for Dunleavy the First, the first chieftain of the MacHeath clan.
  • He and Brydglla are the only vyrrwolves known by name.
  • Dunleavy was the first known chieftain that has maimed a pup, and after him, Dunbar, was the second.
  • His name comes from the Irish word "Duinnshléibhe" which means either "Brown haired man of the mountains" or "Chieftain of the Mountains".