The Dim World is the wolves of the Beyonds' perception of Hell. This is the place where evil

Evil wolves, such as Vyrrwolves, go to the Dim World as punishment.

vyrrwolves come from. The Dim World and Hagsmire may be the same thing, because all Hells, and heavens supposedly are one. Hagsfiends from Hagsmire are like the vyrrwolves of the Dim World. Wolves call their heaven the Cave of Souls, and owls call theirs Glaumora.


Shadow Wolf

After Faolan had disrupted the byrrgis he had been sent to carve a bone to all the packs of the MacDuncan clan. When carving for one of the packs one of the wolves watching says that his carvings are so realistic and that she can almost feel the blazes of the sun which he was carving, and said that no other wolf could carve like that. She also said he was from The Dim World, which was not true.

Known Members

Other Heavens and Hells

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