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The Crooked Back Ridge is a series of mountains.

The Crooked Back Ridge (also known as the "Bent Wing Ridge" to owls or just "The Ridge") is an area of small, rocky, numerous mountains in the north-eastern Beyond.


The Crooked Back Ridge is a rocky scrabble of small numerous mountains in the north-eastern Beyond. The owls called it the Bent Wing because the two parts join at an odd angle to form an off-kilter wingspread. The wolves call it the Crooked Back and call the highest part the Spine.


The Crooked Back Ridge is located in the north-eastern part of the Beyond, and is located by the river that splits the Beyond in two. It is next to MacDuncan territory, MacAngus Territory, and the MacAngus Pack of the Western Scree. It is south of MacHeath territory and the Pit. On the other side of the river to the right are the Sacred Volcanoes.

Lone Wolf

When Gwynneth tells Faolan he "must go to the wolves", day is coming and, being an owl, Gwynneth must sleep. Faolan goes. When the Rouge Smith wakes up, she goes to find Faolan, and finds him on the Crooked Back Ridge.

Watch Wolf

After winning the gaddergnaw, Faolan and Edme are sent on their Slaan Leat. Before entering the Watch, they must find their tummfraws, and will be malcadhs no more. They are told their tummfraws; Faolan's an riverbank, Edme's the Crooked Back Ridge. They say when a gnaw wolf reaches his or her tummfraw, they feel something. However, upon arriving at the Ridge Edme feels nothing. She heads to MacHeath territory to find out the meaning of it. On the way, she meets two she-wolf yearlings: Ingliss and Kyran. They tell her that Dunbar tore out her eye, that she is not a true gnaw wolf.

To Wolves

To wolves, the ridge is the Crooked Back, and the highest part, they call the Spine. This area is an excellent place for Obeas to use as tummfraws for malcadh pups.

To Owls

To owls, the Ridge is known as the Bent Wing Ridge because the two parts join at an odd angle to form an off-kilter wingspread.

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