Creakle MacDuff
Creakle is a gray male dire wolf.

General Info

Species: Dire Wolf (Canis Dirus)

Gender: Male


None known


Fur: Gray

Eyes: Green

Deformity: Missing a front paw


Clan: MacDuff Clan

Pack: Unknown


Shadow Wolf, Frost Wolf

Current and Previous Status

Current: Wolf of the Blood Watch

Past: Malcadh, gnaw wolf


Most likely died during earthquake




Missing a paw

Creakle MacDuff was a male Dire wolf (Canis dirus) from the MacDuff Clan. He was missing a front paw, which declared him a malcadh and later a gnaw wolf. He shows up at the gaddergnaw with the other gnaw wolves in Shadow Wolf, and had another appearance in Frost Wolf. It is currently unknown what happened to him after the events of Frost Wolf.


Creakle is an ash-gray male dire wolf. He was missing a front paw at birth, declaring him malcadh. He very likely, like the other wolves of the Beyond, had green eyes. Creakle had either a black or brown nose.

Creakle is a Gray Dire Wolf


None known, but there was a malcadh mother who was of the MacDuff Clan who went to the Sark in Lone Wolf. It could possibly be Creakle's mother.


Shadow Wolf

Creakle first appears at the gaddergnaw. He is a gnaw wolf from the MacDuff Clan, and was born missing a paw.

He was included in the activity, led by Faolan, to show dominance Heep, after Heep bit Edme on the ear and made it bleed, both physically and mentally hurting her. And since he cannot use his front paw, he crushes Heep's shoulder with his back paws. Later, at the byrrgis competetion, Creakle scored a 39, landing first place. This is high, but not as high as Hamish had earned with a legendary 50. After the games, Creakle returns his life as a normal gnaw wolf, along with Tearlach and the Whistler.

Watch Wolf

Although he does not physically appear, Creakle is mentioned by Faolan and Edme as they talk about their joyful days back in the gaddergnaw him and the other gnaw wolves.
The whistler


Frost Wolf

In Frost Wolf Creakle meets Tully, after the Snowy Owl tried to stop a skaars circle. In the conversation Creakle tells that he is the last of the MacDuff clan and that his vocabulary has grown since his last appearance in Shadow Wolf. Creakle becomes a new member of the Blood Watch along with the "Whistler". Creakle also developed a habit of using multiple synonyms to describe one noun. He is never mentioned again after this book and his fate remains unknown.