Cathmor MacDuncan
The Alpha

General Info

Species: Dire Wolf (Canis Dirus)

Gender: Female


Duncan MacDuncan- Mate

Liam MacDuncam- Son


Fur: Gray; almost black

Eyes: Green


Clan: MacDuncan Clan

Pack: Carreg Gaer


Shadow Wolf

Current Status

Mother of Chieftain; Member of the MacDuncan Clan




Dead/Star wolf

Cathmor MacDuncan was a very dark gray female Dire wolf (Canis dirus) with a pelt almost black. She was the mother of Liam MacDuncan, and the mate to Duncan MacDuncan. She was very kind and sweet to her mate. She lived at the Carreg Gaer of the MacDuncan clan, and passed during or before the time of the famine.


Cathmor was an old female dire wolf, with a gray pelt so dark that it was almost completely black. She had a black or brown nose and mossy green eyes.
Lone wolf!

Duncan was Cathmor's mate.


Liam MacDuncan- Birth son

Duncan MacDuncan- Mate

Dunforth MacDuncan - Father in-law


Shadow Wolf

She appears at Faolan's raghnaid, sitting next to her mate, Duncan MacDuncan, who is the chieftain of the MacDuncan clan. Faolan notes how her eyes remind him of the mossy rocks in the river; where he and Thunderheart had fished together. At the raghnaid, Cathmor calms Duncan a few times; more often putting her paw on his flank.

Later, she is heard howling in grief for the death of her mate. She also spots his mist first, at the top of the starry ladder.

Cathmor makes another appearance at Faolan's "trial", at first having believed it was truly Faolan that killed the pup and so shouting how sick it was to have a murderer, Faolan, though Heep was the real killer, carve the bones of the murdered malcadh.

Near the end, she asks to lick Faolan's carved story bone, confessing that she believes she has not treated him well. When Faolan tells her to just treat him as a member of the MacDuncan clan, she protests that he is a member of the Watch of the Ring of Sacred Volcanoes now. He tells her that he represents the MacDuncan clan, having been born one, and Cathmor tells him; voice cracking, that her mate had believed in him. She does not appear after this.

Frost Wolf

In a chapter of Liam's point of view, he mentions that Cathmor had died. He wondered why she had to leave him in such difficult times, and everything would be better if she were there to guide him. He goes by-lang often, and for long periods of time because of his depression after she died.

Silver Wolf

Cathmor was a gentle wolf.


Cathmor is a very sweet and caring wolf, especially around those she loves and trusts.


Cathmor's death was caused by her old age. She died a while before Frost Wolf began.


  • Cathmor is Duncan MacDuncan's mate, however in the Guardians of Ga'Hoole series Hamish states that Duncan has a mate named Fiona. However, she could have died and been replaced by Cathmor.
  • The name Cathmor is Irish for 'great fighter.'
    Liam macduncan

    Liam, Cathmor's son.