Wolf pup

Bryan Is a male Dire Wolf pup (Canis Dirus) in the MacDuncan clan.


Bryan has white fur like his sister, and his eyes are most likely green like all true Beyond wolves'. He has either a brown or black nose.


Unnamed She-Wolf - Mother

Unnamed Male Wolf - Father

Unnamed Pup - Sister

Other Unnamed Pups- Possibly siblings (not confirmed)


Shadow Wolf

Bryan is seen before the Gaddergnaw games, playing Tag with his sibling(s) and friend(s), when his older sister (the assumed leader figure of their friend group) gets bored of it. She suggests they play a game called "go-to-the-Sark" with his sibling(s), and then begins assigning all the pups their parts in the story. Bryan was chosen as the "malcadh" (and a female one, to Bryan's dismay) while his sister was his "milk-giver" (mother). During the game, the malcadh Bryan was being "taken away" by the pup playing as the Obea, while the milk-giver pup went "traveling" to a confused Sark pup. Shortly after they finished this scene of birth, the malcadh is accepted into his clan "later in life" as a Gnaw Wolf, and is pretend-abused, with light nips, kicks, and headbutts 

Faolan watches, riveted by Bryan's "pretend" game with his sibling(s) and friend(s), when Mhairie comes across the group, and scolds them about how disrespectful their game is. After a brief argument between Bryan's bossy sister and the indignant Mhairie, the group's insensitive game is stopped, and they move on to another game. 

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