Biliboo is a game where the board is scratched in the dirt.

Biliboo is a game often played by the elder wolves in a clan, but also by wolves of all ages. It is played with pebbles and knuckle-bones. The game is one of stragety and required great mental concentration. Played by four wolves with two teams and two wolves on each team, pieces are moved from one side of a complicated pattern scratched in the dirt to another. The path's in which they moved are intricate and governed by strict set of rules. Players never speak a word during the game, and the pieces seemed to flow across the pattern, as if never being touched by a paw or muzzle.


It is unknown where biliboo was created and why.


Shadow Wolf

Faolan observes the elders of the Carreg Gaer playing when going to visit Duncan
Mancala - African Board Game

Biliboo could be realated to Mancala.

MacDuncan, and often tries to understand the game, watching the wolves in his pack.

Also in the byrrgis' of the gnaw wolves ,makes Faolan think of the game. He feels like the wolves are the stones moving in complicated pattern, the landscape is the patch of dirt scratched, and the wolves like the pieces seemed to flow across the landscape without the wolves moving the pieces.

Watch Wolf

When Banja and Faolan began to fight, the Fengo Finbar, says, "Don't act like a puppy who just lost at a game of biliboo". 


Biliboo could be related to the human game of mancala, with the pebbles and the pieces, but it could also be related to chess, because of the board and how pieces that must move in a complicated order.