"Come on, boy! And none of that cag mag talk of yours."
Bevan to Abban in Star Wolf
Bevan was a male outclanner Dire Wolf that lived in the Outermost and was the biggest wolf in Heep's rout. Not a lot is known about him as he was only seen in Star Wolf. He was the biggest wolf in Heep's rout and he also took part in abducting Abban. He possibly had green eyes, but his fur color is unknown.

General Info

Species: Dire Wolf (Canis Dirus)

Gender: Male


Fur: Unknown

Eyes: Green


None Known


No clan or pack; he was an outclanner


Star Wolf

Current and previous Status

Current: Unknown

Past: Outclanner


Unknown; could be dead or now residing in the Distant Blue




Bevan's fur color is unknown, but he likely had green eyes. He was a big wolf, as specified in chapter 18 of Star Wolf. It also said that he was the biggest wolf in the rout. He had either a black or brown nose.


None known


Spirit Wolf

When Aliac/Caila finally regains her memory, she tells Heep the truth about herself and then scans the whole rout of wolves with her eyes saying that she could lead the rout as good as anyone Heep can. She sees Rags, who cowers in submission first then Bevan cowers in submission.

Star Wolf

He is first seen in the chapter "The Abduction of Abban," where Abban is getting fish and he feels someone behind him and then grab him by the nape of his neck and carry him away. Abban looks back and sees that it's Bevan. They take him to a small cave in an ice pillar.

Later, Heep, Bevan, and three other wolves go out to find Caila and then Heep finds her scent and tells Bevan and Krupp to go get Abban. On the way back, Bevan realizes that there was a third scent and wonders if Heep missed it, and if he did Bevan realized that he could've overpowered Heep and could've taken him down. But he dared not say it aloud.

He is next seen in "The Yips of Abban." Where he is seen getting Abban to take back to where Heep is. Abban won't go so Bevan drags him there. Later, after Caila shows up, Bevan grabs Abban's haunches and then Eelon plummeted for Bevan's face and there was a terrible screech. Eelon had tore out Bevan's eye. Later after Caila attacks Heep, Bevan howled and leaped toward Abban but Zanouche plunged from above and scooped up the pup before Bevan could. Bevan then skidded to a halt and turned around to attack Caila.

Then in Chapter 25, "A Fortress In The Sea," Faolan and his brigade encounter the rout again but it is unknown if Bevan is there.


Bevan's personality is unknown. He was an outclanner so he might have been a violent wolf, like almost all the outclanners. But he could have been a wolf that wasn't violent, like Rags. He could have been a nice wolf, just acting mean and vicious around Heep and the rest of the rout.


  • Bevan is a Welsh name, derived from "ab-Evan" meaning "Son of Evan"

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