Bells was a female Woolly Caterpillar moth.


Species: Woolly Caterpillar Moth (Pyrrharctia Isabella)

Gender: Female

Age: Fourteen


None known


Skin: Covered in gold dust/transparent


Star Wolf

Current/Previous stats

Current: Deceased

Past: Woolly Caterpillar, Living


Strength, flight

Bells was a female Woolly Caterpillar moth.
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Bells was very cheerful and happy, even in her death. She was also very helpful to the group, especially to Gwynneth, who was already going blind by then.


Being a woolly caterpillar moth, Bells was origanally covered in golden dust, and she glowed. But as the journey wore on, the dust began to fall off. When they reached the Distant Blue, she was completly transparent.




Star Wolf

After Faolan and Edme become paw-fast mates, they start to go back, to come across some things that look like leaves. But they realize that they are cocoons, and then a moth emerges, called Bells, saying 'at last'. They ask Bells a few questions after she tells them that she is fourteen years old, and she has been in a hibernation of

Bells as a caterpillar.

 sorts. Bells flies with them back to the group, where she and Maudie become fond of each other. Bells and Gwynneth also become friends, as Bells glows, helping Gwynneth fly even though she is blind. Gwynneth is happy as not only does it help her fly wihtout getting hurt, but her hearing has become so sharp that she can hear Bell's wings and heart beating, and even snow melting.

As the journey continues, Bells begins to lose some of the gold dust on her wings, and she explains that when her gold dust goes completly, she will die.

When the group escapes the sharks and leopard seals on narwhales, she guides Gwynneth in the air.

In the Distant Blue, Bells begins to die, as all her gold dust had come off her wings. She is still cheerful in her last moments, and her last word is "magical". Maudie begins to cry, and Edme says that they are wilig tears, which are special tears that are amber in colour.

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