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Beezar is a small constellation mentioned and referenced to more than once in the fourth book, Frost Wolf.

He is described as being blind, with a foreleg stretched out cautiously in the manner of a blind wolf; such as Morag when she became blind, as if in fear of falling out of the sky. Beezar appears during the spring moons and stumbles west across the sky. He is a very minor constellation, only referenced and seen in Frost Wolf, Spirit Wolf, and Star Wolf.


Frost Wolf

In Frost Wolf, the Sark was referring to him as she was stumbling about in the night, as Beezar would. When strange lights are in the Beyond; Mhairie, Dearlea, Faolan, the Whistler, and Edme feel like they are going to be stumbling about like Beezar from the blinding lights. He is said to be stumbling to the west, and only appears in the spring moons.

Futher Information

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