Andreen MacHeath was a high-ranking female dire wolf
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Andreen may have been gray.

(Canis Dirus) from the Carreg Gaer of the MacHeath clan.  She is one of the wolves that was often included in Dunbar MacHeath's slink melfs, which are wolf kill squads.
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It is unknown what color her pelt was, but Andreen most likely had the green eyes of the true wolves of the Beyond.  She had either a black or brown nose.


None known.


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Andreen was one of higher-ranking wolves of the MacHeath Clan.  She was often included in Dunbar MacHeath's slink melfs. She died in the slink melf meant to kill Grizz.

A grizzly attacking Andreen.


Andreen was killed by a combination of Grizz and Katria. When Andreen bit Grizz, Katria at that moment bit her. Grizz fell down on his haunches and crushed.


  • "Andreen" is a variant of the Swedish name "Andren".