Amber MacNab
Amber is a beautiful dire she-wolf with a pelt the color of pale amber.

General Info

Species: Dire Wolf (Canis dirus)

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown


The Sark of the Slough - Daughter
Rags - Possible Son
Unnamed male wolf - mate
Three male pups - sons


Fur: Pale Amber

Eyes: Green


Clan: MacNab Clan

Pack: Unknown


Spirit Wolf

Current and Previous Status

Current: Deceased

Past: Member of the MacNabs


Deceased; possibly in the Dim World


Stunning beauty


Mentally, a twisted soul and heart.

Amber MacNab was a very beautiful, yet very brutal, female dire wolf from the MacNab clan. She was the mother of the Sark and, presumably, Rags, an outclanner.


Amber had a pelt with the color of pale amber. She had an elegant muzzle and the brightest green eyes. Amber was a very stunning wolf, and other males would often try to flirt with her, even though she already had a mate. Despite this, she didn't try to discourage her pursuers, and even appeared to enjoy the attention.


The Sark- Birth Daughter

Unnamed Male (Lord)- Mate

3 Unnamed Pups- Birth Sons

Rags- Birth son (possibly)


Before the Books

Amber lived in a pack in the MacNab clan with her mate, the lord, and her pups. Since the Sark had not remembered ever being taken away by an Obea, she decided that Amber had abandoned her or had been misplaced or left her behind on purpose, as Amber would've seen her as a huge embarrassment.

Spirit Wolf

As the Sark was dying, her memory jugs had shattered, the Sark scented one, which was an old memory of how she found Amber.

The Sark had found a MacNab pack and decided to follow them for a while. As the pack was returning from their summer hunting grounds, she caught sight of Amber. Many of the males would try to flirt, but her mate nipped at them to drive them away. Amber did not care, and didn't care for her pups. They would often wander off and another wolf had to go off to find them. She was not a good mother; and her discipline often drew blood.

One night, the pack stopped to camp at a pond. Amber was staring at her reflection in the water, and one of her sons came, wanting to nurse. Amber whacked him hard with her paw, sending him flying in the air. When he landed he lay motionless, and his spine was broken; Amber had killed him.

She picked up her dead pup and dropped him at the deepest part of the water source. Once the ripples from where she dropped the body vanished, she looked at her reflection once more before returning to the pack.


Amber was very vain; always looking at her reflection for hours on end everytime she passes a puddle or any body of water. She was also a very abusive and brutal mother. As mentioned by the Sark, her scoldings often drew blood. Her brutality even went up to the point of her breaking her son's spine after throwing him a long way away, killing him. Amber never even cared about her pups, always letting her pups scatter here or there before someone retrieves them. Amber, seeing the Sark as a true embarresment to her, abandoned her or misplaced her on purpose. It is said she had a twisted soul. The Sark described her as a malcadh by her heart, not her looks.