Fengo led the wolves out of the Always Cold.

The Always Cold (also known as the Great West or the Distant Blue
The Mountain Exhaled

The Always Cold.

 was the original homeland of the dire wolves who now reside in The Beyond. However, one day, the earth began to freeze, and the wolves fled. The snow kept following them. The great wolf Fengo led them away from the Long Cold with, and into the Beyond on The Ice March.


The Always Cold was the very first home to the dire wolves thousands of years ago. The area was the proper climate and territory for the wolves to live in. However, a great cold seized the land. The wolves were forced to move out into the Beyond.


The Always Cold is past the Outermost, and north past the Frost Forest. The Always Cold is now known as the Distant Blue; the Distant Blue is that same direction as Faolan tells.


Before the Books

The dire wolves lived in the Always Cold, and it was their original homeland. Ice, snow, frost, blizzard and coldness washed over the area, known as the Long Cold. The Long Cold followed the wolves where ever they tried to escape, and eventually came across the Beyond.

Frost Wolf

It's summer, but blizzards and snow come and cover the land. It becomes hard for the wolves to survive, as famine, starvation and Skaars dancing kills off the clan wolves. It may be possible that the Long Cold may have finally found the dire wolves.

Spirit Wolf

After the earthquake, the Beyond is no longer able to sustain life. Faolan and the other few survivors head west of the Beyond and the Outermost, to an area called the Distant Blue. Although unknown exactly where the Distant Blue is, it is suspected it may be the direction of the Always Cold, perhaps the Middle Kingdom, or an unknown area.

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