"Yes. The Stone Pack is finished, and I heard tell that the River Pack of the MacDuncan clan is half gone."
Aldwyn to The Sark of the Slough & Gwynneth in Frost Wolf
Aldwyn MacAngus
Unknown copy 2
Aldwyn MacAngus

General Info

Species: Dire Wolf (Canis Dirus)

Gender: Male


Fur: Unknown

Eyes: Green


None Known


Clan: MacAngus

Pack: Stone Pack (possibly)


Frost Wolf


Unknown; possibly deceased



Aldwyn MacAngus was a male Dire Wolf (Cnais Dirus) from the MacAngus Clan. He was seen for a short period of time in Frost Wolf and then he was not seen again after that, so his fate remains unknown.


It is unknown what color Aldwyn's pelt was; as it never specified it in Frost Wolf. But he probably had green eyes, like almost all the wolves of the Beyond.


When the Sark and Gwynneth were talking to him, he seemed nice, but that didn't prove that he was nice all the time. It was never specified about his personality. He either had a black or brown nose.


None Known


Frost Wolf

When the Sark and Gwynneth went to find the Prophet and get Gwynneth's father's helmet back, they encountered a few wolves: a MacDuff wolf and Aldwyn. Aldwyn informed them that the MAcAngus chieftain, Angus MacAngus, had died. He then told them about the Stone Pack and the River Pack of the MacDuncan Clan. Nothing was seen or heard of him after this encounter.


  • 'Aldwyn' is Old English for 'old friend'

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