"Shame on you! Is that any way to speak of a wolf's passing? This is profane!"

Alastrine was a very high-ranking skreeleen.

-Alastrine, Frost Wolf; page 53

Alastrine MacDuncan was a high-ranking skreeleen, for the Carreg Gaer of the MacDuncans. She was appointed as first lieutenant to Liam MacDuncan by Faolan in Frost Wolf. Alastrine was killed in a fight during Spirit Wolf.


Alastrine was a dire she-wolf with an unknown fur color; however, she probably had green eyes like any other wolf in the Beyond. Her nose was either black or brown.


None known


Frost Wolf

Was appointed lieutenant to Liam MacDuncan, by Faolan and Edme.

Spirit Wolf

Alastrine is killed in a fight with outclanners.


Alastrine was killed during a fight with Heep after Galana MacNamara's death.


  • Alastrine is a Celtic name that means "defender of mankind".

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