Airmead MacNamara
Hungry Arctic Wolf
Airmead is a pure white she-wolf.

General Info

Species: Dire Wolf (Canis Dirus)

Gender: Female


None Known


Fur: White

Eyes: Green


Clan: MacHeath Clan; MacNamara Clan

Pack: MacHeath Clan, Carreg Gaer; MacNamara Clan, unknown


Watch Wolf, Frost Wolf, Spirit Wolf, Star Wolf

Frost Wolf

Current and Previous Status

Current: Traveler; traveling to the Distant Blue

Past: MacHeath wolf,Obea, MacNamara wolf





"It's as if their spirits have been deformed rather than their bodies. In a manner, that is much worse than any physical flaw."

-Airmead to Edme; Watch Wolf

Airmead MacHeath/MacNamara is the former Obea of the MacHeath clan. Although an Obea, she has never taken a malcadh pup to a tummfraw. She was a member of the MacNamara clan, and is now a resident with the other earthquake survivors of the Distant Blue.


Airmead is a pure white she-wolf with green eyes, like the true wolves of the beyond. She either had a black or brown nose.


None known.

Meaning of Name

Airmead is a cruel name, for in the Old Wolf language it means "barren". Of course all Obeas are barren, but only the MacHeaths had the gall to choose to take away whatever the Obea's real name was to call her after her pathetic condition.


Watch Wolf

At the Carreg Gaer of the MacHeath clan, Airmead, along with many of the other of the pack wolves, appears watching how Edme talks to Dunbar about ripping out her eye. When Edme questions her birth, she turns to the MacHeath Obea, which no one seems to notice. Soon Airmead comes up to Dunbar and Edme, but Dunbar snarls and pushes her to the ground. Edme defends Airmead, saying that there was no need to abuse the obea.

Later, in the chapter, "The Obea Speaks", Airmead finds Edme and tells her to follow her, so they

Airmead is pure white.

can dig a snow pit during a blizzard. She tells Edme about what happens to wolves who try to leave for the MacNamara clan, how Dunbar MacHeath killed her mother, Akira, when she tried to escape to the MacNamaras and tear out his own eye to try and avenge Edme. 

In the chapter "Escape of the She-Wolves", Katria, a she-wolf from the Carreg Gaer of the MacHeath clan, is leaving for the MacNamaras. She finds Airmead, who says she knew about her leaving. When Katria asks how, Airmead said she was watching her, and that she herself was leaving for the Namaras. She says she was afraid to go by herself and tells Katria to cover her tracks, as she has done.

While traveling, Katria and Airmead meet Brangwen and Morag and move into the MacNamara clan. They later appear at the war between the Grizzlies and the Watch Wolf.

Frost Wolf

In Frost Wolf, Airmead is one of the MacNamara lieutenants that went to the Blood Watch to help out since there were very few wolves there at the time.

Spirit Wolf

The earthquake survivors, Faolan, Edme, Myrr, Banja, Maudie, Gwynneth, The Whistler, Mhairie, Dearlea, Toby and Burney find Katria and Airmead in a cave. After being joined by Caila and Abban, all the survivors, including Airmead, head off the a place known as 'The Distant Blue'.


  • Her name according to the book mean "barren."
  • Her name, in real life, derives from the Irish word "aimrid", meaning sterile.
  • Additionally, her name could come from "Airmid", a Celtic goddess of herbs, but the previous is more likely.